Multigenerational centres

As many as 15 multigenerational centres have opened their doors as a result of EU funding

Multigenerational centres serve as the central meeting places encouraging people of all ages to come together, socialise, engage in dialogue, become active and creative, cooperate, exchange knowledge and experience and take advantage of the diverse services offered by the centre. As a strong support to the municipality in its efforts to tackle the demographic challenges, the multigenerational centres support active learning in all stages of life, and provide activities that foster social cohesion, social inclusion and encourage integration of vulnerable groups. Additionally, the multigenerational centres deliver various tailored prevention programmes and activities. The multitude of diverse and rich activities offered at the multigenerational centres facilitates social cohesion between the generations, promotes a sense of community in the municipality, and builds solidarity, mutual trust and confidence, and readiness to offer help when needed. Anyone can participate in the activities offered by the multigenerational centres on a free of charge basis.  

Multigenerational centres offer the following services:

  1. activities aiming to enhance social inclusion, empower target groups, enhance social and cultural competences and build health and finance skills;
  2. activities empowering senior citizens (e.g. developing valuable potential of older people, informal care, quality and active ageing, advocacy, lifelong learning, passing of knowledge, traditions and values to younger generations);
  3. activities facilitating social inclusion of children and young people with special needs; 
  4. activities enhancing parenting skills and social skills;
  5. supervised summer activities for children and occasional childcare;
  6. activities facilitating the reconciliation of professional and family life;
  7. organisation and self-help groups;
  8. education – courses, classes and workshops (e.g. workshops on health skills, workshops on cultural diversity, cooking classes);
  9. activities enhancing literacy skills (e.g. creative reading and writing courses, workshops on building vocabulary, illustration workshops, digital literacy workshops)    

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Beneficiary: Various institutions and partners

Programme: Operational Programme for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy in the Period 2014-2020

Fund: European Social Fund

Project funding: EUR 8,625,000.00

EU contribution: EUR 6,900,000.00

Photo credit: Jure Viltužnik