TIGR4smart – Sustainable and innovative construction for smart buildings

Healthy living and work environment

The programme TIGR4smart, which received nearly EUR 6 million in EU funding, brought together 16 Slovenian companies and research institutions to work together to develop products and technologies that enable and make up a healthy living and workplace environment. The vision of the programme built on the principle of understanding the need for the development of specific products and a high degree of integration of these products into segments and packages with high added value thanks to their compatibility.     

Sustainable and innovative construction for smart buildings addresses the key components of the area Smart homes and wood chain. The programme focused on sustainable products, integration of various products into systems and underlined the importance of the Internet of Things and intelligent building management systems. The programme delivered 20 complementary products that took the knowledge and performance far beyond the state of the art. 

The technologies and products developed under the programme were integrated in a modular living unit to demonstrate the results of the consortium work in a real-life setting. Since the programme closure, the demo unit has been used as a platform for further development of products up to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9. Joint appearance and demonstration at fairs have helped deepen long-term partnerships between consortium members through collaboration in joint projects. The partnership between some of the consortium members are further built within the consortium of the new project called WOOLF, which has also received EU funding under a targeted call for proposals ‘’Promotion of R&D programmes (TRL 3-6)’’. The economic impact of the programme dictates the quality of the entire partnership, individual enterprises and research organisations, and spurs participation in international integrations and associations. Another important aspect is the potential of the programme to achieve the set environmental objectives and help improve the living environment.  

Project partner video presentation - M Sora

Beneficiary: TRIMO, Building Envelope Solutions (Lead Partner)

Programme: Operational Programme for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy in the Period 2014-2020

Fund: European Regional Development Fund

Project funding: EUR 5,913,345.12

EU contribution: EUR 3,807,011.59